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Drafting & Negotiating Separation Agreements

Some marriages break down to a point where spouses wish to live separately but don’t yet wish to divorce. In these cases, legal separation can help. Separation is a process that involves settling many of the same matters involved in divorce without fully dissolving the legal marriage between two people.

If you and your spouse are considering living apart from each other, Rose Family Law can help. Our firm has provided the compassionate legal support clients have needed when working toward a legal separation. Rest assured that we have the experience and skill necessary to help you feel confident in the separation agreement that will govern you and your spouse’s lives apart.

People choose legal separation for a variety of reasons; whatever yours is, our separation agreement lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario is here to help. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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What Is Involved with Legal Separation?

Our lawyer at Rose Family Law can provide the legal representation you need to help you secure your interests in a variety of legal separation issues. As previously mentioned, many of the matters that will need to be addressed are the same as those typically addressed during a divorce.

The terms of your separation agreement will provide for the following and more:

Disagreement over the terms for issues like these is common but can be settled through mediation that doesn’t involve the courts. If you and your spouse are seeking to separate and receptive to working out your differences, our separation agreement lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario can provide assistance through mediation.

Why Should I Choose Legal Separation?

Legal separation exists as a means to separate spouses’ legal and financial affairs from one another without completely dissolving their marriage. This can provide a number of advantages, such as allowing spouses to live separate lives before deciding if divorce is right for them. Legal separation also provides a means for spouses to live independently when divorce isn’t an option due to cultural beliefs and practices.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Create My Separation Agreement?

Ontario law doesn’t require either party to have legal representation when it comes to developing a separation agreement. That said, it’s unwise to proceed without an advocate on your side.

Because legal separation involves property, finances, as well as child custody and access matters, there’s a lot at stake. Choosing to proceed without legal representation places you at a disadvantage when it comes to securing a separation agreement that truly represents your interests.

If you wish to decrease the likelihood of inadvertently giving up rights or ceding property you can otherwise retain, choosing to hire legal counsel may be in your best interests.

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Our lawyer at Rose Family Law can provide the representation you need to move forward with your legal separation. If you wish to pursue this path toward separating from your partner, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.

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