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Family legal issues are never easy, but mediation can serve as an alternative dispute resolution for anyone interested in a simpler, more streamlined legal process. Mediation allows families to resolve legal issues outside of court with the help of an unbiased third party, a mediator.

Our team at Rose Family Law understands how difficult these situations can be, which is why we provide efficient, compassionate mediation and arbitration services throughout the Mississauga, Ontario area. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, spousal support issue, child custody dispute, or other family law matter, our firm can discuss your current situation and help figure out whether mediation is a viable option.

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Is Mediation Right for Me?

Not every legal dispute can be resolved through mediation, but if both parties are willing to work together to find a solution that works best for everyone involved, mediation can be a wonderful tool. Mediation might not work for contentious family law matters, because for mediation to work, both parties must feel safe meeting together to work toward a resolution. While a court case requires little to no direct communication between the two parties, mediation will require both parties to discuss their needs, listen to the other party’s opinions, and compromise until the matter is resolved.

Mediation can help with the following legal matters:

If you need help with any of the above-listed legal matters, our firm is here to help. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our clients with compassionate, strategic legal help when they need it most. In mediation cases, we can help with delicate legal issues to help you and your family reach a workable solution that works best for everyone involved.

How Does Mediation Work?

In lieu of attending court, those who choose to use mediation to handle their legal matters may do so through a mediation meeting. Depending on the complexity of the issues and the amount of time needed to negotiate, mediation may include one meeting or several.

At the mediation meeting, each party may retain their own lawyer, but it is not a requirement. A third party mediator will be present to oversee the meeting, though they will not make any decisions, take sides, or give legal advice. Oftentimes, the mediator is a lawyer, though a mediator can be any number of qualified professionals, like a social worker.

Each party will have a turn addressing the issue and negotiating their terms until an agreement is decided upon to the satisfaction of all involved. Then, an official written document will be drawn up and signed.

The benefits of mediation include:

  • Privacy: Through mediation, discussions and agreements can be made confidential, whereas most court matters are a matter of public record.
  • More control: When you go to court, the decisions about your case will ultimately rest with the judge. Through mediation, however, you and the other party have much more control over the outcome.
  • Flexibility: Court cases are scheduled at the discretion of the court, whereas mediation negotiations can be planned based on the schedules of the parties involved, which makes it much easier to work around. Also, they are less formal, which means you have less pressure to “prepare” for a big hearing.
  • Lower cost: Court can be extremely expensive, both because of actual court fees and the added cost of lawyer fees. Through mediation, you’d avoid court and would likely need fewer billable hours with your lawyer.

Let’s Get Started

If you think mediation might be the right choice for you, our lawyers are here to help. We have ample experience helping individuals and families throughout the Mississauga, Ontario area, and we have a thorough understanding of Canada law as it applies to mediation and family law. More importantly, our team truly cares about our clients, and we approach each case with an eye towards integrity and respect.

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